Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New Zealand and More - Photographer Bernard Spragg

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Bernard Spragg is a semi-retired tour coach driver whose route was the South Island of New Zealand.

Sperm Whale
Kaikoura, Canterbury, New Zealand

During his many excursions, his love of photography has provided incredible documentation of the landscape, architecture, people, plants, animals, and so much more from nature to the cities.

Wd357 - The sole operational
survivor of the
111 Baldwin Locomotive Works locomotives

The Austro Dripping Bonnet, Roridomyces austrororidus, is found in South America, New Zealand, and Australia where it grows on rotting wood.

Austro Dripping Bonnet

Sheep at Otago, New Zealand

Spragg's photography is not limited to just New Zealand but also provides a memorandum of destinations throughout the globe. 

Lake Powell
Utah, United States

The Australian Pelican, a large waterbird, is found on the inland and coastal waters of Australia, New Guinea, also Fiji, parts of Indonesia, and as a vagrant in New Zealand.

Australian Pelican
Anglesea, Victoria, Australia

The samples shown here of Spragg's fascinating photography minimally represents the the scope of his expertise and his gallery.

Milford Sound, Mitre Peak
Southland, New Zealand

Visit Bernard’s Flickr account to see a fascinating showcase of his stunning photography.


Photos used with permission from the artist via Flickr.

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