Monday, November 18, 2019

Vanessa Barragão, Upcycling Textile Artist

Textile artist, Vanessa Barragão is dedicated to the creation of tapestries using a variety of techniques. Her artwork combines using ancestral techniques of latch hooking, crochet, weaving, knitting, basketry, and felting.

Living Coral Tapestry

Originally from the south of Portugal, Vanessa now resides in Porto, the northern region.

Ocean Tapestry

Vanessa’s inspiration for her artwork originates from her connection to the ocean acquired while growing up near the seaside. Representation of coral reefs are evidenced within her tapestries through the combination of craft and the recycled materials she uses.

Bleached Coral

While attending Lisbon University for her Master degree using an ecological artisanal process, Vanessa developed her first wool yarn collection and tapestries.

Botanical Tapestry - World Map
600 cm x 200 cm
Work in progress

The materials used in these amazing tapestries come from the deadstock of local factories, which are then cleaned, and selected for use in her projects.

Botanical Tapestry
The largest tapestry Vanessa has ever made.

In an upcycling effort to combat the negative image of pollution from the textile industry, Vanessa’s productions are comprised of craft and recycled materials to become carpets and tapestries for walls and floors.

Melissa's Garden

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