Tuesday, October 29, 2019

REALfLESH Masks The Ultimate Facade

Ian Marier, a self-taught fx artist and mask fanatic began making foam latex prosthetics 25 years ago in his father’s garage. His expertise gradually turned toward his passion for making masks.

The Relic Mask
Customer Picture

REALfLESH Masks has grown from a one-man operation to working now with some of the best sculptors and skilled technicians to produce the highest quality silicone masks possible.

Sculpture work in progress
Sculptor Caroline Aquin

Each silicone mask is made entirely by hand and every step meticulously achieves the best quality there can be.

The Uncle Mask
in the mold room

The realism created by these masks comes from a combination of small eye holes, bubble-free silicone, reinforced mesh, realistic mouth movement, and chest coverage.

REALfLESH Masks are made from vacuum degassed, bubble-free silicone. Mesh reinforces the stress areas to provide a very high-tear resistance. The high-quality flexible silicone and integrated rigid nose bridge make these masks incredibly comfortable and self-adjusting.

Teacher Mask for customer
Hair work by Anne Marie

The smallest, seamless, most comfortable eye holes and realistic mouth movement, which is not possible with latex masks, provides these masks with their real-life appearance.

The Zombie
Silicone Mask

The chest area on REALfLESH masks extends very low to provide the best coverage and realism. For those wishing to be The Playmate, this mask provides a full chest and amazing mouth movement to allow to you to become the fantasy female.  This mask comes standard bald to allow your own addition of a wig and/or makeup which can be washed away gently with regular soap.

The Playmate
Silicone Mask

Visit the links below to see the many realistic masks which are truly works of art.


Photos used with permission of REALfLESH Masks


  1. These masks are amazing. I had no idea you could put makeup on them, that's pretty cool!

    1. I couldn't believe how "real" they actually look, and I was surprised that makeup could be used with them, too. Thank you for visiting!

  2. Wow! this is Amazing! Do you know your hidden name meaning ? Click here to find your hidden name meaning

    1. Thank you for visiting the REALfLESH Masks post here! I've never tried the "hidden name meaning."