Sunday, November 15, 2020

I Think Her Name is Geneva - The Bracken®


The latest puzzler from The Bracken simply gives us clues to the name of one of their latest mysterious, enchanting creations.

genetics + vapour = ?

or maybe

4 + 2 = ?

My guess is Geneva.

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday the 13th As Darkness Falls


Friday the 13th has always brought me days of luck and the same has happened with the number 13; however, many do not like this day, do not like rooms with the number 13 in them, some elevators to not access a 13th floor, and the list continues.

As darkness falls on Friday the 13th, visit the link shared from the History Channel to discover this day's history and why so many believe it to be unlucky.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Plague Doctors' Masks by Tykhon Verygyn

Plague Doctors' Mask with Hood

Tykhon Verygyn is a self-taught leather artist whose work is all handmade without the use of any machines. 

Plague Doctors' Mask

While not a medical mask, these amazing doctor's masks are perfect for Halloween, steampunk, cosplay, or theater. 

Plague Doctors' Mask

Thick, soft vegetable tanned leather is used and hand stitched with waxed thread. Buckles allow for size adjustment.

Steampunk Leather Mask

Watch for a future post featuring Verygyn's incredible leather journals which can be viewed in his shop on Etsy.

Leather Face Mask

Visit the links listed in the sources below to see more

leatherwork by Verygyn.

History:  During the 17th and 18th centuries, plague doctors believed that the poisoned air they might breath could be fumigated through the use of sweet and pungent perfumes to protect the smeller. Physicians prescribed what was believed to be protective concoctions and plague antidotes. The beak-shaped masks were filled with perfume and herbs. Masks were filled with a combination of 55 herbs and other components such as viper flesh powder, cinnamon, myrrh, and honey, known as theriac, believing that the shape of the mask would allow enough time for the air to be suffused by the protective herbs before hitting the nostrils and lungs.

Sadly enough, until the rise of germ theory of disease, plague doctors were unaware that transmission comes from contact with contaminated fluid or tissue and inhalation of infectious droplets from sneezing and coughing and that wearing a mask filled with herbs having holes near the nostrils did not protect from the plague.





National Geographic (more history)

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Photographer Tim Vollmer


Foggy Day in Iceland

Tim Vollmer's amazing photos continue and new photo tours are available on his Website. 

Black Beach, Iceland

Vollmer has devoted his life to photographing the beauty found on planet Earth.

Panorama from
Knud Rasmussen Glacier
in Greenland

As colder weather begins to occur, focus on the beauty which is only found only in places colder than where most of us live.

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Tim Vollmer Photography - Photo Excursions

Photos used with permission of the artist.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

"Energy Artist" Julia

Aspen Dancer - Spirit of the Trees

Energy Artist Julia Watkins is best known as the founder of the Energism Art Movement which focuses artists to create works which project positive spiritual energy to the viewer. 

Horse Crossing - "Crossing Over"

Both her paintings and jewelry represent her devotion to helping others connect to the natural flow of spiritual energy and its healing power.

The Courtship

Julia's artwork is in collections of Carnegie Mellon, Longview Museum, Children's Hospital, and Deepak Chopra.

Owl Spirit Energy

Phoenix Rising
Energy Ring

See more amazing paintings and jewelry by Julia at:



Saturday, March 21, 2020

“Under-Documented” Photography by Paul Zizka

Paul Zizka’s journey is photographing the “under-documented” in the Canadian Rockies, the iceberg-laden seas off Greenland’s coast, and throughout the beautiful world in which we live.

Self-Portrait, Lake Minnewanka

His unique compositions have been featured in many publications, including National Geographic Adventure, Huffington Post, and Canadian Geographic, to mention a few. 

Afloat in Antarctica

Paul’s adventures have taken place on all seven continents and each of Canada’s provinces and territories. 

Curious Locals in the
Torngat Mountains

It is believed that his 1400-km unsupported double-crossing of Iceland on foot (2004), is the first to happen. He also completed a 1488-km crossing solo of the South Island of New Zealand (2007).

Methane Bubbles

Other destinations for his exploration have included Antarctica, Norway, Svalbard, Nepal, Greenland, the Caribbean, Niue, French Polynesia, Namibia, the Faroe Island, Baffin Island, and the Torngat Mountains. 

Ruins of Ardvreck Castle

Western Greenland

Each year, Paul is the Photo Editor for Crowfood Media, Inc., where he curates the images for their publication, The Canadian Rockies Annual

Moraine Lake

Paul and fellow photographer Dave Brosha launched OFFBEAT in June 2016, a company which provides an online community for photographers. This community also offers workshops in diverse locations. 

Mount Vaux
Yoho National Park

I believe there is in all human beings a deep connection with the natural environment. In these times, however, that link is often obscured by the capitalistic, hectic, materialistic, and anthropocentric nature of our societies. My hope is that through my photography, people will rediscover the precious connection they have with the wonders of our planet.
~Paul Zizka 

Mongolia Velvet
The Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes

Paul Zizka is based in Banff, Alberta.

Visit the links below to see Paul's incredible
worldwide collection of photos
from unbelievable destinations.


Photos used with permission of the artist.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Body Painting by Gesine Marwedel

Body painting is the transformation of a human being into a breathing, moving, living piece of art.” ~Gesine Marwedel

Body painting in front of a bookshop
Photo: Peter Marwedel

One of the first original art forms, body painting has previously been used in traditional rituals and ceremonies. Body art now is increasing as a modern art form and is being used for photo shoots, film, theater, fairs, events, and shows. 

The Brain
 with Gesine Marwedel
Photo:  Thomas van de Wall

Gesine Marwedel was born in Eckernförde, Germany. From working in an Indian orphanage, studying Rehabilitation Science, working as a speech therapist, studying creative therapy, and working as a psycho-oncologist, Gesine now continues her quest as a freelance artist. 

Photo: Mateusz Rzewuski

Her work is displayed in museums, featured in numerous publications, and her talent has resulted in many awards in both national and international competitions. 

Turtle Mexico
Photo: Gesine Marwedel

Bookings are offered for private paintings, partner paintings, bellypaintings, live painting at events, UV paintings, and so much more. Gesine’s locations are in Dortmund, NRW, Germany, Europe, and worldwide. 

Artists: Patric Greg & Gesine Marwedel
Models: Barbara Wg & Corinne Koch
Photo: Martina Schrenk

Visit Gesine's Booking Page at:

The Ocean
Body Painting: Gesine Marwedel
Photo: Mark Ruppelt

See the Sources for more incredible 
Body Art by Gesine. 
You will not want to stop scrolling.

Booking Page

Photos used with permission from the artist.