Monday, September 16, 2019

The Painted Forest of Oma, El Bosque de Oma

The Oma Painted or Living Forest’s more than 47 artworks create an intermingling of culture and nature in the splendid Oma valley in the town of Kortezubi, Spain. This natural mural is the most important and overwhelming work of art in this territory.

Invitation to the kiss
Photo: El mundo con peques

Using trees as his canvas, painter and sculptor Agustin Ibarrola began this work of living art in 1982, establishing groups of artistic sets within the valley of Oma.

Life has more eyes than me ... in detail
Photo: El mundo con peques

A tribute to Paleolithic art and the first humans, the paintings and the forest are a reflection of space, art, elements, and nature itself, taking into account the neighboring Santimamiñe Cave.



The Oma Forest is surrounded by pastures and lush forests within this valley. One can complete the circular route in about two (2) hours, while walking roughly seven (7) kilometers or four (4) miles.

Circular Route

Painted in honor of his first grandson, Ibarrola’s Rainbow of Naiel is one of the most renowned and photographed figures in the forest.

The Rainbow of Naiel
Photo:  El mundo con peques

The vivid colors of these paintings are in direct contrast to the earth tones of the forest which inhabits them. Images of eyes, human figures, hearts, geometric shapes, and abstract designs create extravagant murals when viewed as group.


Standing on the designated marks in the forest allows you to see the entire set of trees from the perspective intended and the drawing they represent.

Work of Eyes

This phenomenal outdoor museum is open to all who choose to experience the magic and mystery of its living art in Basque Country.

Friday, September 6, 2019

The Bracken®, Much More Than Just A Doll

Inspired by the woodlands of North Cornwall, the rivers, seas, and oceans, The Bracken® brings to life the magic and mystery found therein. Teresa spent more than a year “of painstaking work” to develop the style and look of the dolls she wished to begin creating.


Each of The Bracken®  is one of a kind and is made to represent what might be living there and what you might behold in a glimpse while walking through the woodlands or exploring the rivers, seas, or oceans.


These handmade dolls are created in limited editions and bear a numbered label which has been sewn into the neck. Each of them also is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.


The individual names for the dolls took almost three (3) months to research and each of those names exist in the woodlands, rivers, seas, or oceans.

Morgan - Le Fay


These detailed dolls are made with love and patience as each of the woodland and water inhabitants takes more than 100 hours to complete. 


Embellished handmade fabrics reflect the colors and textures found in nature where each of them might live.



The character and personality of each doll develops within the making, ensuring that each one of them is truly unique.

Sirena - Syrena

The Bracken® are approximately 60 cm (23.62 inches) in height.


The first time I saw one of The Bracken®, I knew I was hooked. I keep seeing one of them in every room of the mountain cabin and beach house I have yet to acquire. Each one of them speaks to me in a different way.

Visit the Sources to see more of The Bracken®:

Photos used with permission of the artist.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Become Fashion Ready Printing Your Own 3D Clothing

3D printing results in the creation of a solid object from a digital file. While most fashion results from the subtractive method of cutting the necessary components out of a piece of fabric, 3D clothing produces a complex shape using an additive process.

Harmonograph - threeASFOUR
Photo:  Matt Carsella

After becoming curious about 3D printing, Gabi Asfour began attempting to manipulate the internal geometry of textiles. He, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil had a vision to create “three-dimensional interlocking weaves,” which would be achieved with the help of laser cutting. Collaborating with 3D printing company Stratasys and architect Travis Fitch for the Fall 2016 Biomimicry collection, Pangolin was born. This dress was a result of 500 hours of printing using 10 printers at the same time. Pangolin’s scales of interlocking weave were developed using an algorithm which simulates cell division.

Pangolin - threeASFOUR

While still in its infancy, fashion has already begun making use of this process for the future of not only clothing but the accessories we wear with them. The newest invisible shoe provides a nude view of the foot within its geometric structural design.

Invisible Shoe
Photo:  Andreia Chaves Gallery

The first affordable design using 3D printing originating with Continuum Fashion in collaboration with Shapeways is the N12 or the world’s first 3D-printed bikini, created by designers Jenna Fizel and Mary Haung. The bikini is constructed of thousands of circular plates connected by thin springs to allow it to maintain its form while still being flexible. Working with the third dimension of the fabric led them to 3D printing.

N12 - 3D Printed Bikini 
Continuum Fashion and Shapeways
Photo:  Ariel Efron

Ruth E. Carter won an Oscar for Best Costume Design after working with printing wearable specialist, Julia Koerner  and Materialise to help with 3D printing to create the mantel and crown worn by Queen Ramonda. Queen Ramonda in Black Panther, was played by Julia Bassett.

Queen Ramonda
Photo:  via Marvel's Black Panther
Costume Design by Ruth Carter

While many of us have used traditional methods of sewing throughout the years to create our own personal fashion statements, Danit Peleg, as part of a graduate program at Shenkar, created a 5-piece fashion collection using flexible patterns and soft materials which were printed at home. Danit provides users with the ability to design their own 3D printed bomber jacket, made to measure with your own customization. This offer is a limited edition.

Photo:  Danit Peleg Collections
'Liberty Leading the People'

Is 3D printing in your future?
What would be the first item on your list to print?


Friday, August 23, 2019

The Fennec Fox, Intriguing and Exotic

The very social fennec fox makes its home in colonies of up to ten throughout the Sahara Desert and east to Sinai and Arabia. Weighing in at 1.5 to 3.5 pounds, this petite little canid is from 9 to 16 inches long with an additional tail length of 7 to 12 inches.

Photo:  A-Z Animals
Yvonne N

Having adapted to life in the desert, the fennec fox has the longest ears of any fox. Tiny blood vessels in their ears run close to the surface of the skin allowing the outside air to cool the blood and reduce body temperature. These bat-like ears can grow from 3.9 to 5.9 inches in length and also provide sensitive hearing to detect prey.

Photo:  A-Z Animals
Millie Bond

Their lightly colored fur provides great insulation and the color reflects the sun to slow body temperature both cold and hot. A thick coating of fur on the bottom of their feet protects the surface from the scorching sand while providing an additional grip on soft sand.

Photo:  Floridapfe/Getty Images
via The Spruce Pets

Being highly social, family groups can be comprised of up to ten individuals, and there have been instances of complex dens providing housing for multiple families.

Smithsonian's National Zoo

Dens are dug with their long, sharp, curved claws, providing multiple entrances and chambers often near established vegetation and root systems. These underground communities are referred to as a skulk or a leash, and provide each individual mating pair with their own living area. Lining their own burrows with soft materials, including fur and feathers, provide comfort and warmth while sleeping during the day.

Photo:  San Diego Zoo

Diet includes grasses, root, berries, and fruit. Being nocturnal, the night is often spent hunting also for insects, small reptiles, and rodents both in and on the sand to add to their dining pleasure.

Photo:  A-Z Animals
Millie Bond

Fennec foxes can be kept as pets but require educated and responsible owners to provide the necessary diet, environment, and protection.


Friday, August 9, 2019

Tommy Craggs Artist/Wood Sculptor of Dead Trees

Castle Dragons
Visit this link to view all sides of Castle Dragons.

During 2012, sophisticated sculptures were discovered in a wooded area around Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, UK, but the creator of these unsigned massive works remained a mystery. After a visit by the BBC to the owner of the publically-accessible private property where the statues were in residence, it was discovered that the works had been commissioned from Tommy Craggs, and the mystery was solved.

King Hollow of The Abbey Road, Knaresborough

Tommy Craggs, an award winning artist/sculptor is based in Consett, Co Durham, UK. His passion comes to life when creating sculptures and giving a second life to the trees he uses.

Photo:  Laughing Squid via Ross Parry Agency

Previously working as a tree feller, Tommy not only honed his skills but has now transformed his chainsaw proficiency into the magical creation of animals, mystical creatures, and figurative works of art via sculpting.

Primrose Faerie

“I like to see what I do as a way of bringing the trees back to life, and I work against the grains to reveal the real beauty of the wood.” *

Photo: Facebook (Tommy Craggs)

Photo:  Facebook (Tommy Craggs)

Using a chainsaw, the elaborate sculptures Tommy creates are all carved from naturally fallen trees or ones which have either become diseased or dangerous.

Mermaid in Progress

Some of the trees used for carving are from wood which originated in a sustainable managed forest.

Tree of Life, Dublin
Photo:  Chris Cullen

Tommy Craggs, a self-taught chainsaw artist whose carving imparts new birth to once living trees, is now an international award winning artist and sculptor.

Central Scrutinizer

Stolen Soul

Visit the links below to view many more of the incredible tree sculptures by Tommy Craggs.


Photos, except where otherwise noted, are used with the permission of the artist.

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