Saturday, March 21, 2020

“Under-Documented” Photography by Paul Zizka

Paul Zizka’s journey is photographing the “under-documented” in the Canadian Rockies, the iceberg-laden seas off Greenland’s coast, and throughout the beautiful world in which we live.

Self-Portrait, Lake Minnewanka

His unique compositions have been featured in many publications, including National Geographic Adventure, Huffington Post, and Canadian Geographic, to mention a few. 

Afloat in Antarctica

Paul’s adventures have taken place on all seven continents and each of Canada’s provinces and territories. 

Curious Locals in the
Torngat Mountains

It is believed that his 1400-km unsupported double-crossing of Iceland on foot (2004), is the first to happen. He also completed a 1488-km crossing solo of the South Island of New Zealand (2007).

Methane Bubbles

Other destinations for his exploration have included Antarctica, Norway, Svalbard, Nepal, Greenland, the Caribbean, Niue, French Polynesia, Namibia, the Faroe Island, Baffin Island, and the Torngat Mountains. 

Ruins of Ardvreck Castle

Western Greenland

Each year, Paul is the Photo Editor for Crowfood Media, Inc., where he curates the images for their publication, The Canadian Rockies Annual

Moraine Lake

Paul and fellow photographer Dave Brosha launched OFFBEAT in June 2016, a company which provides an online community for photographers. This community also offers workshops in diverse locations. 

Mount Vaux
Yoho National Park

I believe there is in all human beings a deep connection with the natural environment. In these times, however, that link is often obscured by the capitalistic, hectic, materialistic, and anthropocentric nature of our societies. My hope is that through my photography, people will rediscover the precious connection they have with the wonders of our planet.
~Paul Zizka 

Mongolia Velvet
The Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes

Paul Zizka is based in Banff, Alberta.

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Photos used with permission of the artist.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Body Painting by Gesine Marwedel

Body painting is the transformation of a human being into a breathing, moving, living piece of art.” ~Gesine Marwedel

Body painting in front of a bookshop
Photo: Peter Marwedel

One of the first original art forms, body painting has previously been used in traditional rituals and ceremonies. Body art now is increasing as a modern art form and is being used for photo shoots, film, theater, fairs, events, and shows. 

The Brain
 with Gesine Marwedel
Photo:  Thomas van de Wall

Gesine Marwedel was born in Eckernförde, Germany. From working in an Indian orphanage, studying Rehabilitation Science, working as a speech therapist, studying creative therapy, and working as a psycho-oncologist, Gesine now continues her quest as a freelance artist. 

Photo: Mateusz Rzewuski

Her work is displayed in museums, featured in numerous publications, and her talent has resulted in many awards in both national and international competitions. 

Turtle Mexico
Photo: Gesine Marwedel

Bookings are offered for private paintings, partner paintings, bellypaintings, live painting at events, UV paintings, and so much more. Gesine’s locations are in Dortmund, NRW, Germany, Europe, and worldwide. 

Artists: Patric Greg & Gesine Marwedel
Models: Barbara Wg & Corinne Koch
Photo: Martina Schrenk

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The Ocean
Body Painting: Gesine Marwedel
Photo: Mark Ruppelt

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Booking Page

Photos used with permission from the artist.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New Zealand and More - Photographer Bernard Spragg

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Bernard Spragg is a semi-retired tour coach driver whose route was the South Island of New Zealand.

Sperm Whale
Kaikoura, Canterbury, New Zealand

During his many excursions, his love of photography has provided incredible documentation of the landscape, architecture, people, plants, animals, and so much more from nature to the cities.

Wd357 - The sole operational
survivor of the
111 Baldwin Locomotive Works locomotives

The Austro Dripping Bonnet, Roridomyces austrororidus, is found in South America, New Zealand, and Australia where it grows on rotting wood.

Austro Dripping Bonnet

Sheep at Otago, New Zealand

Spragg's photography is not limited to just New Zealand but also provides a memorandum of destinations throughout the globe. 

Lake Powell
Utah, United States

The Australian Pelican, a large waterbird, is found on the inland and coastal waters of Australia, New Guinea, also Fiji, parts of Indonesia, and as a vagrant in New Zealand.

Australian Pelican
Anglesea, Victoria, Australia

The samples shown here of Spragg's fascinating photography minimally represents the the scope of his expertise and his gallery.

Milford Sound, Mitre Peak
Southland, New Zealand

Visit Bernard’s Flickr account to see a fascinating showcase of his stunning photography.


Photos used with permission from the artist via Flickr.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Vanessa Barragão, Upcycling Textile Artist

Textile artist, Vanessa Barragão is dedicated to the creation of tapestries using a variety of techniques. Her artwork combines using ancestral techniques of latch hooking, crochet, weaving, knitting, basketry, and felting.

Living Coral Tapestry

Originally from the south of Portugal, Vanessa now resides in Porto, the northern region.

Ocean Tapestry

Vanessa’s inspiration for her artwork originates from her connection to the ocean acquired while growing up near the seaside. Representation of coral reefs are evidenced within her tapestries through the combination of craft and the recycled materials she uses.

Bleached Coral

While attending Lisbon University for her Master degree using an ecological artisanal process, Vanessa developed her first wool yarn collection and tapestries.

Botanical Tapestry - World Map
600 cm x 200 cm
Work in progress

The materials used in these amazing tapestries come from the deadstock of local factories, which are then cleaned, and selected for use in her projects.

Botanical Tapestry
The largest tapestry Vanessa has ever made.

In an upcycling effort to combat the negative image of pollution from the textile industry, Vanessa’s productions are comprised of craft and recycled materials to become carpets and tapestries for walls and floors.

Melissa's Garden

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Photos used with permission of the artist

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

REALfLESH Masks The Ultimate Facade

Ian Marier, a self-taught fx artist and mask fanatic began making foam latex prosthetics 25 years ago in his father’s garage. His expertise gradually turned toward his passion for making masks.

The Relic Mask
Customer Picture

REALfLESH Masks has grown from a one-man operation to working now with some of the best sculptors and skilled technicians to produce the highest quality silicone masks possible.

Sculpture work in progress
Sculptor Caroline Aquin

Each silicone mask is made entirely by hand and every step meticulously achieves the best quality there can be.

The Uncle Mask
in the mold room

The realism created by these masks comes from a combination of small eye holes, bubble-free silicone, reinforced mesh, realistic mouth movement, and chest coverage.

REALfLESH Masks are made from vacuum degassed, bubble-free silicone. Mesh reinforces the stress areas to provide a very high-tear resistance. The high-quality flexible silicone and integrated rigid nose bridge make these masks incredibly comfortable and self-adjusting.

Teacher Mask for customer
Hair work by Anne Marie

The smallest, seamless, most comfortable eye holes and realistic mouth movement, which is not possible with latex masks, provides these masks with their real-life appearance.

The Zombie
Silicone Mask

The chest area on REALfLESH masks extends very low to provide the best coverage and realism. For those wishing to be The Playmate, this mask provides a full chest and amazing mouth movement to allow to you to become the fantasy female.  This mask comes standard bald to allow your own addition of a wig and/or makeup which can be washed away gently with regular soap.

The Playmate
Silicone Mask

Visit the links below to see the many realistic masks which are truly works of art.


Photos used with permission of REALfLESH Masks

Monday, October 21, 2019

Masks of Disguise for Halloween

After publishing a previous post on masks, I realized I did not share one of the most well-known and favorite masks which represents the Phantom of the Opera.

Phantom of the Opera Mask
Via Pinterest - AnneBeautyThings

Since the Stone Age, masks have been worn for disguise. They have been used in theatrical productions, religious ceremonies, secret societies, for holidays, and as a punishment to criminals.

Shattered 'Glass' Plastic Mirror Mask

Many masks today result from detailed creation and are amazing works of art.

Aequeor Tranquillium Mask
by Merimask on Deviant Art

Halloween is a holiday focused on disguise and masks complete the costume.

Greek Goddess of the Moon
Artemis Deer Leather Mask

B3 Designs

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