Thursday, March 12, 2020

Body Painting by Gesine Marwedel

Body painting is the transformation of a human being into a breathing, moving, living piece of art.” ~Gesine Marwedel

Body painting in front of a bookshop
Photo: Peter Marwedel

One of the first original art forms, body painting has previously been used in traditional rituals and ceremonies. Body art now is increasing as a modern art form and is being used for photo shoots, film, theater, fairs, events, and shows. 

The Brain
 with Gesine Marwedel
Photo:  Thomas van de Wall

Gesine Marwedel was born in Eckernförde, Germany. From working in an Indian orphanage, studying Rehabilitation Science, working as a speech therapist, studying creative therapy, and working as a psycho-oncologist, Gesine now continues her quest as a freelance artist. 

Photo: Mateusz Rzewuski

Her work is displayed in museums, featured in numerous publications, and her talent has resulted in many awards in both national and international competitions. 

Turtle Mexico
Photo: Gesine Marwedel

Bookings are offered for private paintings, partner paintings, bellypaintings, live painting at events, UV paintings, and so much more. Gesine’s locations are in Dortmund, NRW, Germany, Europe, and worldwide. 

Artists: Patric Greg & Gesine Marwedel
Models: Barbara Wg & Corinne Koch
Photo: Martina Schrenk

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The Ocean
Body Painting: Gesine Marwedel
Photo: Mark Ruppelt

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