Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Push/Pull of Attraction And Repulsion

Inspired by nature and the human form, Laura Marmash creates figure sculptures both from live models and from her own conception to evoke a mood or feeling, finding beauty in decomposition and decay, metamorphosis and evolution.


“The push/pull of attraction and repulsion are opposing forces that I like to play with in my work.” (Lillstreet Art Center)


Her current work is a result of her fascination with fungi, molds, and spores. The mushroom itself can often signal the breakdown of the overall fungi, of which it is only a small part, and the eventual decay of the host. From the decay, the cycle begins again and new life forms are created.


Attaching natural elements to the bodies of the sculptures exposes the emotions of her incredibly detailed figures. Laura incorporates other materials into the clay in a way that the added fabric, wood, or wool, become one with the clay itself.

New Growth
Stoneware, Porcelain

Laura is a claymaker at Lillstreet Art Center responsible for making 1,000 pounds of clay a month. Clay creation is an art of feel to determine the proper moisture content and plasticity by adding dry clay powder or slaked clay until the moisture is just right.


Laura Marmash received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kent State University in Ohio. Visit the sources below to see more of her sculptures.



K.O. Jewel

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