Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Eat It Or Wear It, The Choice Is Yours! The Most Fashionable Food!

For the creation of his Hunger Games photography, Ted Sabarese asked his models what food they were craving and then created completed clothing for them fashioned from the very food they craved.

In exploring people’s relationship with food, Ted reflected this through his photography. His idea “was to visually suggest an actual meal the model was craving by having them wear it.” (npr.org)

Photo: Ted Sabarese

This project was shot in 2009, prior to Lady Gaga, and involved fifteen designers. Each outfit took hours to cook, create, and assemble.

Designer Amy Goodheart of SOTU productions was the mastermind behind the designs.

The artichoke gown took over six hours to complete during which time the model stood as each leaf was attached to her body. The gown was designed by Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of Project Runway.

A behind the scenes peek at the creation of the fashionable foods by Ted in Hunger Pains.

From what food which you crave would your clothing be made?

When now wondering what to wear with the amazing creations from Ted, never fear.
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Ted Sabarese

Ted Sabarese spent time as a college English Teacher, graphic designer, fiction writer, and advertising creative director before deciding on his career as a photographer. 


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