Monday, September 16, 2019

The Painted Forest of Oma, El Bosque de Oma

The Oma Painted or Living Forest’s more than 47 artworks create an intermingling of culture and nature in the splendid Oma valley in the town of Kortezubi, Spain. This natural mural is the most important and overwhelming work of art in this territory.

Invitation to the kiss
Photo: El mundo con peques

Using trees as his canvas, painter and sculptor Agustin Ibarrola began this work of living art in 1982, establishing groups of artistic sets within the valley of Oma.

Life has more eyes than me ... in detail
Photo: El mundo con peques

A tribute to Paleolithic art and the first humans, the paintings and the forest are a reflection of space, art, elements, and nature itself, taking into account the neighboring Santimamiñe Cave.



The Oma Forest is surrounded by pastures and lush forests within this valley. One can complete the circular route in about two (2) hours, while walking roughly seven (7) kilometers or four (4) miles.

Circular Route

Painted in honor of his first grandson, Ibarrola’s Rainbow of Naiel is one of the most renowned and photographed figures in the forest.

The Rainbow of Naiel
Photo:  El mundo con peques

The vivid colors of these paintings are in direct contrast to the earth tones of the forest which inhabits them. Images of eyes, human figures, hearts, geometric shapes, and abstract designs create extravagant murals when viewed as group.


Standing on the designated marks in the forest allows you to see the entire set of trees from the perspective intended and the drawing they represent.

Work of Eyes

This phenomenal outdoor museum is open to all who choose to experience the magic and mystery of its living art in Basque Country.


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    1. Thank you, Cat! I'd love to visit Spain and walk through this forest.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! Stunning paintings inside, on top of the forest. Simply gorgeous, where is this exactly?

    1. It is in Northern Spain in a small neighbourhood, as they call it, named Oma. It would be such a fun day to spend there.

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    1. I'd love to have a forest like this one near me. Thank you for visiting!