Friday, September 6, 2019

The Bracken®, Much More Than Just A Doll

Inspired by the woodlands of North Cornwall, the rivers, seas, and oceans, The Bracken® brings to life the magic and mystery found therein. Teresa spent more than a year “of painstaking work” to develop the style and look of the dolls she wished to begin creating.


Each of The Bracken®  is one of a kind and is made to represent what might be living there and what you might behold in a glimpse while walking through the woodlands or exploring the rivers, seas, or oceans.


These handmade dolls are created in limited editions and bear a numbered label which has been sewn into the neck. Each of them also is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.


The individual names for the dolls took almost three (3) months to research and each of those names exist in the woodlands, rivers, seas, or oceans.

Morgan - Le Fay


These detailed dolls are made with love and patience as each of the woodland and water inhabitants takes more than 100 hours to complete. 


Embellished handmade fabrics reflect the colors and textures found in nature where each of them might live.



The character and personality of each doll develops within the making, ensuring that each one of them is truly unique.

Sirena - Syrena

The Bracken® are approximately 60 cm (23.62 inches) in height.


The first time I saw one of The Bracken®, I knew I was hooked. I keep seeing one of them in every room of the mountain cabin and beach house I have yet to acquire. Each one of them speaks to me in a different way.

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Photos used with permission of the artist.


  1. They are all beautiful! I love their hair, it gives them a bit of a wild and free spirit look!

    1. They do look as though just stepped in from nature. I just fell in love with them the first time I saw them.