Sunday, November 9, 2014

In The News Today: The 25th Anniversary Of The Fall Of Iron Curtain

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of The Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was a barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic beginning on August 13, 1961, and remained a barrier until November 9, 1989. The wall was erected to protect East Germany from fascist elements conspiring to build a socialist state. This wall became known as the Iron Curtain which separated Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. Read some of today’s top stories and browse the photos commemorating the event.

USA Today

“During the day, thousands visited landmarks of former East Berlin, placing flowers in the cracks of parts of the wall that remain and filling the streets around the famed Brandenburg Gate, where many had climbed the wall after the border opening was announced. They lit candles at memorials for victims, walked hand-and-hand to trace the path where the border once stood and read the markers detailing its stories.” (

The Brandenber Gate illuminated during celebrations on the 25th anniversary of The Berlin Wall
Photo: Sean Gallup, Getty Images

The New York Times

“Thousands of words were spoken as hundreds of thousands of visitors converged on Berlin and captured millions of moments in the digital universe that did not exist a quarter-century ago. Where words and images were insufficient, the genius of Back and Beethoven was summoned to express feelings.” (

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and other dignitaries placed flowers between slats of the former Berlin Wall at a memorial Sunday.
Photo:  Carsten Koall, Getty Images

NBC News

“While the majority of the towns have been renovated and feature garden fences alongside neatly trimmed front lawns, old run-down buildings and abandoned farms serve as a reminder that prosperity hasn’t reached everyone in economic powerhouse Germany since the fall of communism.” (

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