Monday, November 3, 2014

Adrian Borda, Surreal, Intense, and Taboo

Adrian Borda’s photo, We Are The Resistance II, captured my attention several months ago while browsing the Internet. Encountering his amazing painting, Life Is A Dance In The Rain III, several days ago on Facebook, the decision was final for my next post. The most difficult decision has been which of these extraordinary works to display. Since a post displaying all of them would be much too lengthy, I have chosen a sampling to share and provided links for your personal discovery of this incredible artist.

Are this woman's hopes written in the book she majestically wears around her neck?  Has she been engulfed and consumed by the beings of the sea underneath the ship she wears on her head? As she cries and places her note in the bottle, will she set it afloat in hope of rescue from whom or what? What do you believe is her story is?

The Story Of My Hopes II
Oil on canvas

All of Adrian’s canvases include multiple elements which silently begin to surface through each repeated viewing. Multiple explorations of his paintings reveal new details which were previously not seen. His goal is to provide a window to his haunting and unforgettable images.

Life Is A Dance In The Rain III
Oil on canvas

Adrian Borda is a surreal freelance painter who was born in Reghim, Romania. His early pursuit of painting began at the age of twelve. Each composition presents a very unique and surreal style which is dark, passionate, erotic, and detailed. 

Artist in Love III
Work in progress
Oil on canvas

The use of light in his photography presents a world both mysterious and inviting which draws the viewer to enter and become one with the scene. Adrian is a true artist with photo manipulation which he uses to create the appropriate atmosphere he wishes to convey with his image.

The strength and command of this hand moving against the resistance of water is reflected in Borda's powerful photograph. His words, "dare to face the enemy," aptly describes the dynamic presented here.

We Are The Resistance II

The influence of Dali’s surrealism and the symbolist, Gustav Klimt, are combined and manifested throughout his work. Classic themes with a modern tone, resulting in Borda’s fantasy creations, are depicted through his various themes, mechanical figures, and societal taboos.

Song Instead of a Kiss
Oil on canvas

His paintings are meditations incorporating symbols about our life and our most intimate tendencies and reactions. Adrian states that both in his real life and his work that he does not care “about conventions and the taboos, there are no sacred memes that cannot be touched.”

The Pursuit of Happiness
Oil on canvas

Borda created the following amazing photo through the use of Photoshop combining his images from a forest near Fort Worth and a beach in Portugal where snow dunes were scattered across a plowed field.

The Moss Swamp
Photo manipulation from original photography

Visit Adrian online to enjoy more of his paintings and photography.

Adrian Borda


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