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Tommy Craggs Artist/Wood Sculptor of Dead Trees

Castle Dragons
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During 2012, sophisticated sculptures were discovered in a wooded area around Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, UK, but the creator of these unsigned massive works remained a mystery. After a visit by the BBC to the owner of the publically-accessible private property where the statues were in residence, it was discovered that the works had been commissioned from Tommy Craggs, and the mystery was solved.

King Hollow of The Abbey Road, Knaresborough

Tommy Craggs, an award winning artist/sculptor is based in Consett, Co Durham, UK. His passion comes to life when creating sculptures and giving a second life to the trees he uses.

Photo:  Laughing Squid via Ross Parry Agency

Previously working as a tree feller, Tommy not only honed his skills but has now transformed his chainsaw proficiency into the magical creation of animals, mystical creatures, and figurative works of art via sculpting.

Primrose Faerie

“I like to see what I do as a way of bringing the trees back to life, and I work against the grains to reveal the real beauty of the wood.” *

Photo: Facebook (Tommy Craggs)

Photo:  Facebook (Tommy Craggs)

Using a chainsaw, the elaborate sculptures Tommy creates are all carved from naturally fallen trees or ones which have either become diseased or dangerous.

Mermaid in Progress

Some of the trees used for carving are from wood which originated in a sustainable managed forest.

Tree of Life, Dublin
Photo:  Chris Cullen

Tommy Craggs, a self-taught chainsaw artist whose carving imparts new birth to once living trees, is now an international award winning artist and sculptor.

Central Scrutinizer

Stolen Soul

Visit the links below to view many more of the incredible tree sculptures by Tommy Craggs.


Photos, except where otherwise noted, are used with the permission of the artist.

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  1. I remember reading about this, such amazing work!

    1. He's an amazing artist! I wish he'd do some work on some trees of mine.

  2. Amazing post about these wonderful works of art
    thanks for sharing

    1. He truly has a talent, and I love his choice of subjects to carve.