Monday, July 22, 2019

Contemporary Italian Sculptor, Paola Grizi

Mentored by her grandfather, both a famous Italian painter and sculptor while growing up and earning a degree in Italian Literature with first-class honors, Paola Grizi now combines into many of her sculptures the faces which might emerge from the written word.

Looking Ahead - Bronze (Casart, Paris)
Photo:  Paola Grizi by Jose D. Gutierrez Gamarra

Paola’s award-winning sculptures have been featured throughout Italy in exhibits including Rome, Faenza, Venice, Florence, Milan, Pisa, and Ferrara.

Face To Leaf Through 2014 - Terracotta
Ascoli Pieceno Ceramics Museum
Photo:  Paola Grizi

The movement represented within the sculpture itself delivers life to the materializing face on its quest to a new awakening.

Composition 2017 - Bronze (Casart, Paris)
Photo:  Paola Grizi

Her instinctive manipulation of the medium with which she works, builds and imparts the arrival and emotion of the being within.

The Agreement 2017 - Terracotta
Photo:  Paola Grizi

Asked if she had a favorite piece, Paola responded, “Yes, it’s called Ancestral Future: it represents a sleeping newborn that stands on wavy drapes, which follow its shapes. It is one of my favorites, because I feel it is a symbol that links the past and future of humanity, in the common denominator of respect that is due to every fragile and delicate moment of human life, in this case to the nascent life.”

Ancestral Future 2010 - Terracotta
Photo:  Paola Grizi

These mysterious sculpted faces in bronze and terracotta appear to emerge from the book’s pages as if awakened to pursue a new quest for understanding, consciousness, and knowledge.

The Breath 2017 - Bronze (Casart, Paris)
Photo:  Paola Grizi

In an interview with Jessica Stewart from My Modern Net, Paola says, “I hope that whoever looks at my work doesn’t remain unmoved by what they see. I’d like for the emotion and experience generated by a sculpture to move through the artwork, arriving straight to the heart and sensibility of the viewer. And, if possible, to bring forward its meaning, also taking in what’s given by the spectator, in order to generate a continuum that, over time, is enriched by the profound emotions and humanity of everyone.” 

The Node 2019 - Terracotta
Photo:  Paola Grizi

More incredible sculptures from Paola Grizi are available for viewing at the links listed below.