Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Can A Lizard Get Inside The Car When The Door Is Shut?

Photo: Daphne D. Lewis

These lizards scamper all over every time I take my little dog out into the yard here in Florida. Today this young guy had been resting on my back passenger tire for several hours, and I had checked on him each time we came outside. As Tod, my miniature Pomeranian, and I walked this time beside the car, the lizard decided to jump onto the door panel.

The lizard tired quickly of being the main focus of my photo opportunity and scurried down to crawl into the crack at the bottom of door. All I could think about was whether or not he could now get inside my car. Waiting and waiting and hoping he's not inside my car, I finally found him again.

He decided to peek out, I'm guessing to see if the coast was clear from the camera. I still am not sure whether there's a way that he could have gotten to the inside of the car, but I am so happy that he did not. 

At least the lizard will not be crawling around while I am driving, unlike the snake who several years ago crawled out of the pot which held a tree I was transporting home from a local nursery. When I lifted the door on the back of the vehicle, he fell to the driveway right beside me. Thankfully, none of the neighbors were outside to hear my startled reaction!

Have you ever experienced unwanted wildlife inside a vehicle with you? 

Who accompanied you on your drive?

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