Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Faces of South African Artist, Gerhard van Vuuren

Faces provide identity, display emotion, and house the sources for the portions of our being which provide for two of the human senses, both seeing and taste.

Gerhard van Vuuren

Gerhard van Vuuren

Gerhard van Vuuren began drawing and painting in elementary school allowing him to win prizes for his art. Drawing biology sketches for fellow students in high school gave him the opportunity to begin making money for his incredible talent.

Being color blind has worked as an asset when painting by removing the prescribed limits of color which others might see. Gerhard’s unique presentation brings life to the portraits he creates somewhat in the abstract, but at the same time being very realistic.

Gerhard van Vuuren

The following two paintings from his Proverbs and Idioms series invite the viewer to explore the meaning of the portrait.

Gerhard van Vuuren
Neck in Neck
Gerhard van Vuuren

Using mostly acrylic, Gerhard has developed various methods of his own for creating the interesting effects we see in his portraits. Focusing primarily in female portraits, his male portraits, murals, drawings, and furniture painting also reflect a style which is completely his own.

Contemporary Seascape
Gerhard van Vuuren

Which colors would define your portrait?

Gerhard van Vuuren
Pretoria, South Africa


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