Tuesday, December 16, 2014

And You Thought Finger Painting Was Only For Kids

Zaria Forman’s incredible landscapes, created through an advanced finger painting method, give the finished result the appearance of a photograph. Her inspiration stemmed from early childhood family travel through remote landscapes which her mother photographed.

Greenland #63
Soft Pastel on Paper (2013)

Two years of creating large-scale pastel drawings began in 2004. “These early works evoke both the turbulence and the tranquility found in the powerful forces of nature.” (zariaforman.com)

Untitled #37, Cloudscape Series
Charcoal and Chalk Pastel (2005)

If you watch the series, House Of Cards, keep your eyes open for Zaria’s paintings on the walls of the set. Ten of Zaria’s drawings were used in this Netflix TV series starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

Chasing the Light was an expedition Zaria led up the NW coast of Greenland in August 2012 to create art from the inspiration of the dramatic geography. Originally conceived by her mother, who did not live to make the journey, Zaria promised to carry out her final mission.

Greenland #52
Soft Pastel on Paper (2012)

Following the meltwater from the Arctic to the equator, Zaria spent September 2013 in the Maldives which is the lowest and flattest country in the world. Collecting material and inspiration from the polar melt causing the rising seas, her works here represents a nation which could be entirely underwater within this century.

Maldives #9
Soft Pastel on Paper (2014)

Which of Zaria's drawings is your favorite?

Zaria Forman
Zaria Forman was born in South Natick, Massachusetts, and grew up in Piermont, New York. Living now in Brooklyn, New York, where her main focus is on her art, she also teaches yoga and designs jewelry. Visit her on Facebook, Saatchi Art, and at her website to browse even more of her incredible drawings.



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