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Nature's Art From Wild & Woven

09-17-2019. At this point in time, the links on this post are no longer working. I cannot locate the artist David Digapony online now, and I've searched using multiple search engines. In searching his name, there are still articles and Websites which reference his work and a few photos if you wish to research him. Fortunately, most of the photos are still in place on this post. I will keep checking with the hope of him returning to an online presence in the future. 

Imagine wandering through a beautiful forest when out of nowhere a giant sequoia portal appears. What you are seeing is probably the work of David Digapony. This amazing sequoia circle is pictured in the Redwood Forest near Warburton, Victoria, Australia. Ephemeral art, woven sculpture, and basketry made from the treasures he finds in the forests comprise the beautiful creations which can be found at Wild & Woven.

Ephemeral Art

'Magic Portal'
Sequoia circle
Redwood Forest, Warburton

Interwoven mountain ash branches
O'Shannassy Aqueduct, Millgrove

Natural materials including branches, sticks, and vines are intricately woven over many hours to create a completely unique form which corresponds with nature itself. David does commissioned work for public spaces, festivals, and community gatherings.



Using a random method of weaving gives each of Wild & Woven’s baskets a truly unique design. Each root and vine has its own composition which slowly begins to define the texture and shape of the finished basket throughout the course of the weaving. Most are irregular in shape and the final form is the result of many hours of creation.

         Tree Fern Roots

Large 'Baby' Basket
Wongo Wonga Vine


'Baby Nest'
Random Weave Basket


Random Weave Nest
Grass and Moss

Random Weave Basket




The Yarra Valley provides a location to search and harvest the twisted vines, roots, and branches which are then carefully assembled in a process which David states is both “ancient and meditative.”

Yarra River, Warburton 

Wall Art

'Winter Moon'
Pandorea Vine and
Leptospermum Roots

Both coarse and delicate textures are reflected in David’s wall art with which he seeks “to create works which resonate with nature’s wild essence.” His inspiration comes from the beauty of the natural materials themselves.


While wandering through the forest on your next adventure, if your discoveries include a magic portal, continue on your course and discover where the doorway leads....

David Digapony

Visit David online to view more stunning concepts composed from nature's elements:

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